Our experience in the Food Industry has proved valuable in understanding the process and creating a naturally healthy and balanced meal for your dog. This is the first of the Meals we have prepared for your Dog. We will continue to introduce different varieties of the food focusing on specific needs & requirements for dogs.

Our Recipe : Chicken & Rice with Vegetables

Ingredients : Chicken, Pumpkin & Carrot, Rice, Coconut Oil, Water

A balanced diet of Proteins, Fibre and Vitamins. Good for Muscles, Eyes, Hair, Skin & Coat, Digestion and Immune System.


The food has been prepared in a HACCP environment using high quality ingredients to ensure quality & safety.

We are using Retort processing technology to sterilise all the food. This ensures that there is no microbial activity and the shelf life of the packed food is one year.

The best part is that these food packets can be kept in regular, ambient temperature. You do not require to store packets in a freezer or a Refrigerator. Its easy to store and use.

We have kept the portions of the food at 200 grams. This makes it easier for you to provide the right amount of food in one meal.

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